Avast mobile notification icon

Avast mobile notification icon

How to disable/turn off avast antivirus 2018 temporarily or

Uncheck the Enable Avast sounds box in Settings>General>Sounds. Uncheck the Use voiceovers sounds settings if you have a custom sound pack enabled. Select the updates you want to turn off: Avast has six “events” that are correlated with alerts. Avast’s Sounds should be switched off. The rest of Avast’s options can be found in the user interface. To get to it, either left-click the orange “Avast” icon in your notification area or right-click it and choose “Open Avast User Interface.”
Avast can notify you of a variety of pop-up messages and warnings in addition to software updates. You can switch them off with Avast, so you can disable them all at once. How To Turn Off Avast Alerts And Text Messages The tutorial can be found here, along with step-by-step instructions. 1st step: Avast’s user interface can be accessed. The most irritating aspect is that the updates are all about premium features and other items that have little to do with system security. Is there a way to avoid receiving alerts while remaining safe?

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If the Mobile Security section is disabled, you would most certainly want to be safe from criminals above all else. As a result, Anti-Theft does not display any icons unless they are needed (it does display an icon when an upgrade is available, but only if the computer is not missing or stolen). Filip is a student at the University of
I believe it is much easier to turn it off. Anyone who sees this icon understands that I can use gps to locate the phone, so hiding antitheft is pointless. If I disable it, the only risk is that the task will be closed if the memory runs out? It’s just the antivirus portion, which isn’t nearly as essential as antitheft.

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Get rid of avg notification bar on android fix

Thank you for a fantastic app! In this thread, I’ve read a little about the notification icon. I understand why it’s there, but despite my hatred of status bar clutter, I’m willing to leave it alone. However, I agree that a grayscale icon will be far more appealing. It’s crying for attention right now (I’m using a dark theme). It’s not a big deal, but could you make the icon color configurable? Greetings
Hello, making the notification icon color truly configurable is actually very difficult (if not impossible). You can possibly add color filters to almost everything in your own UI, but not the notification icon. To make this realistic, we’d have to draw the icon in any possible color. Filip is a student at the University of
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Thank you for your prompt answer. I didn’t think it was that difficult because I’d seen it done before (including GoSMS, which I know you enjoy). Anyway, wouldn’t having a grayscale icon as the only choice be preferable? I mean, isn’t that the official notification icon design recommendation?

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Hello, to prevent Android from destroying the app and affecting the app lock and real-time security, the permanent notification in the status bar must be switched on. We do not suggest turning it off in Settings > Notifications & warnings > Realtime security > Permanent warning > Hidden. If you have a Huawei or Honor system, you might be referring to a different problem: when these devices are turned on, a warning appears almost every time the screen is turned on. We’re putting in a lot of effort to find a solution for these users.

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