Avast getting annoying

Avast getting annoying

How to disable avast pop-up messages | how to turn off

I’ve been practicing C# on a new device recently. Compiling is good, but when I try to run the generated.exe file, avast! thinks it’s malware and puts it in the sandbox for a while (where it doesn’t function as well as it should), only allowing me to run it normally once it’s done scanning.
DeepScreen is the culprit, as others have said. It’s particularly bad if you have Avast set to Silent/gaming mode, because you can experience strange behavior that you don’t understand. (I spent an entire day debugging the installer for a program I’m working on because it started running twice every time I launched it—DeepScreen is notoriously forgetful—and only succeeded the second time.)
You can switch off popups for the majority of them—the irritating update-related popups—by going to Settings, Update, Details, which should make it easier to function, play video games, and so on. However, DeepScreen popups continue to appear!
Unfortunately, the only way I can disable DeepScreen right now (in Avast 2014.9.0.2021) is to switch off all shields! Even with all shields disabled, I occasionally get DeepScreen popups, so I’m not sure if this is working. Since Avast cannot be prevented from beginning with Windows at startup, uninstalling Avast may be the only option.

How to prevent avast from blocking a program

AdrianH’s quote from March 23, 2014, 08:16:07 PM

How to turn off all pop ups, alert and messages in avast

PAID licenses are held by me, my friends, family, and clients. Why does anyone have to disable software that allows them to delete or avoid spam from their machine? They aren’t junk mail. After the updates, an internal function promotes these useful extra resources and softwares. You won’t lose your defense or any other paid features. Oh, you’re going to have to give up the extras.
Set the time for Information and Update-Popups to 0 in settings>Appearance.
Disable the warning for automatic popups by going to Update and Information at the bottom.
Return to Appearance and uncheck the community-Features box at the bottom. (This does not imply that the defense is being lowered.)
Steven Winderlich’s quote from March 23, 2014, 08:45:47 PM
Set the time for Information and Update-Popups to 0 in settings>Appearance.
When it comes to time, zero is an invalid value because it simply means (unlimited), which means the popup will stay open until the user removes it.

How to disable annoying popups, and alerts in avast

The paid versions, as previously mentioned, allow you to disable them.

How to: disable annoying pop-ups, alerts in avast antivirus

You may also choose silent/gaming mode, which is not recommended because you won’t see any warnings.

How to disable pop ups avast – windows 10

Before publishing, please (re)search.
INDEPENDENT support (chat for Windows, Windows applications, and many other things) – online scanners (URL/File/Java/others) – simply state the problem/ask your question in the channel and wait.
Eddy’s quote from June 1, 2016, 10:10:39 AMAs have been clarified several times, and in the paid versions, you can toggle them off. You may also choose silent/gaming mode, which is not recommended because you won’t see any warnings. Before publishing, please (re)search. If it’s too much trouble to respond to the user’s question, Eddy, simply delegate it to someone else.
Did you read the original message, Eddy? It’s obvious that the OP has no intention of upgrading to the paid edition. He simply believes that the free edition has too many irritating update popups (3 a day), and that, as you pointed out, silent/gaming mode isn’t an option because it often hides warnings.

Avast browser cleanup: how to use to remove bad add-ons

Avast is an antivirus program that is unusually loud. It reads out messages, shows advertisements, and comes with a lot of extra software. You can switch off any (or all) of these annoyances to make Avast run more quietly.
The measures below were completed using Avast’s Free Antivirus software. You can disable anything but Avast’s popup “offers” for other Avast items in the free version of the app. That is simply the cost of using the free version. Check out this guide to learn more about the antivirus programs we suggest.
Avast’s “Recommended security” is installed by default, which includes an entirely separate “SafeZone Browser,” two browser extensions, a VPN service, a password vault, a PC cleanup program, and a utility that checks for updates to your other desktop software.
You can choose the parts of Avast you want to install here, or simply click the “The components do you want to install?” box and pick “Minimal protection” to get just the antivirus app.

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