Avast boot scan log file location

Avast boot scan log file location

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Both manual and scheduled scans are automatically recorded by the Avast Antivirus software. Each scan’s form, date of execution, and results are listed in the log. Avast provides a Show Results button at the end of the most recent completed scan, allowing you to quickly check the scan’s results. If you want to see the results of a previous scan, you must use the Scan History window to access the program’s scan logs.
From the Completed Scans box, choose the scan you want to see. The scan’s details are shown below the Completed Scans box. For example, you can see how many files were scanned and how long the scan took.
To see a more detailed scan report, click the “Detailed Report” tab. You will see the names of files that have errors or have been contaminated, for example. For any scan that found no problems, the Detailed Report button is disabled.
Suggestion Custom scans are also possible with Avast. To produce a scan that meets your needs, you can change the heuristic sensitivity, schedule, and performance settings for a custom scan. To make a custom scan, go to the “Scan” window and select “Create Custom Scan.”

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On this screen, you can decide how long the scan logs should be held before being removed, as well as their maximum size. This optimizes the space on your hard disk by limiting the size of logs and deleting logs that are no longer needed.
If the box “Enable debug logging” is checked, if an error occurs while the program is running, a special log file will be created. If the error continues, send this log to avast! technical support, who might be able to help you figure out what’s causing it.

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Thank you for your response: Okay, I’ve grasped the idea of the “Cab archive is corrupted – Error 42127” messages. Any suggestions where I can find the logfile for the boot time search in the C: directory? Also, do you have any theories why the full machine scans don’t run when they’re supposed to? I’m still baffled as to why any planned scans were canceled, but since it hasn’t happened since the last install, I’ll let the sleeping dog lie… Thanks again – Paul is a man with many talents.
Overnight, I ran a boot-time search. I was able to locate the aswboot.txt file this morning. It was a hidden file, as IROC9555 said, and checking the boxes “show hidden files and directories” and “show filename extensions” did the trick. It had both of the boot time scan logs that I was searching for (the ones run on 8-4 and 8-7). Even, for the first time in a long time, the full machine scan was completed on time! Thank you all for your assistance! I’ll let you know if I run into any issues in the coming days. IROC 9555: IROC 9555: IROC 9555: IROC 9555: I If you have an IROC, what year is it? I had a ’87 with a lot of modifications. If you have time, send me an email or send me a private message. Best wishes, Paul is a man with many talents.

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I also ran malwarebytes, SUPERantispyware, ESET, and machine mechanic scans. Malwarebytes discovered and removed 36 infections. My machine is a little faster, but for an SSD, it still takes a long time to boot. I still need to find someone who can help me.
Thank you once more for your prompt response. PA These ties, Bear, are extremely useful. I started a thread in bleeping machine and avast but have yet to receive any responses. However, the posts you’ve made are pertinent.
My anti-malware is being disabled as an upgrade. My anti-malware software had to be reinstalled once again. Where have all of my issues come from? It comes from listening to radio stations on the internet.
I entered chk dsk /f as instructed in the Windows 7 forum, and it ran the chk dsk before logging on, finding problems.
It ran a few chk dsks and even crashed in one of them, but it finished them all. The chk dsk’s were probably back up to where there were too many of them, based on what I noticed there. The machine was used to log on and work before. It took a long time to log in, but it worked. After I ran the chk dsk, it took forever for everything to load after I logged on, if it even loaded at all.

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