Ava st marks

Ava st marks

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Thank you for sharing this fantastic review! I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve seen her perform with her subs and send a demo at Floating World. She is truly extraordinary. If I’m ever in Philadelphia, I’d like to schedule a session with her. I’ve previously reported that I assume she is the most under-appreciated (or at least under-mentioned) domme in the industry. With her talent and style, she belongs in the same discussion as the greats. Instead of barely a listing, there should be hundreds of threads about her. She is the epitome of self-assurance, not brash or domineering, but clearly assured. Again, thank you for your analysis.
When I found her, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I honestly didn’t believe Domina Ava and other Pros were genuine. I had to work with her for a few months before I realized she was really as amazing as she seemed, and she knew her stuff. I highly recommend Domina Ava to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.
Great review; I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of Domina Ava St. Marks. I went to her website and you are completely correct; she is stunning and has a great playspace. Thank you for taking the time to write the article.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed account of your meeting with Ms. Ava St. Marks. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about your suffocating confinement. I’m sure she harmed you a little, right? She sounds like a fantastic Domme, and you obviously had a nice time with her. Are you planning on returning soon?
SBH, she did a little bit of damage to me. Really, it was a lot more than a little bit, and she made me enjoy every minute of it. Yes, I want to see her again as soon as possible, maybe for a longer session and to explore some of the activities that she suggested would be beneficial to us in a session. She is truly a one-of-a-kind lady!
Your Domina Ava St. Marx review is thorough and well-written. Her gear is incredible, and I hope you get a chance to look at it all. I’ve been sessioning with Domina Ava for over three years and have yet to see anything she has to do in her Dungeon. Every session we have is more intense than the last, and my mind is constantly blown. Congratulations on finding her; I’m envious of you; I wish I could go back in time and relive Domina Ava from the beginning!

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Ava Louise Sawyer attended Centennial High School in Boise as a freshman. Ava was a straight A student at CHS, where she also played violin in the orchestra and began her basketball career as a guard for the JV girls’ team. Ava has a good faith in God and was planning to receive Confirmation in May at St. Mark’s Catholic Church. She also expressed her deep belief in life’s sanctity.
Ava was born in Boise on December 11, 2004 and passed away on May 7, 2020. Her mum, Kim, father, Patrick, and older sister, Lily, all of Boise, survive her. Her close friends and caring relatives, including her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, will miss her terribly.
To support Ava Louise Sawyer’s wishes, an Ava Louise Sawyer Memorial Fund for Life has been established in lieu of flowers. Checks should be made out to Centennial High School and mailed or sent to 12400 W. McMillan Rd., Boise, ID 83713, with the memo Ava Sawyer Memorial Fund.

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St. Mark’s Head of School John C. Warren ’74 recently confirmed the appointment of Ava Archibald, a veteran educator, to the position of Director of Community & Equity Affairs. Her roles will include overseeing the development and execution of a strategic plan for the School to seek positive, transformative opportunities that continually drive the community toward greater understanding, respect, inclusivity, and equity. “Ava Archibald brings to St. Mark’s great sophistication of thought on how to best move diversity and inclusivity concerns forward, remarkable depth of dedication to this work, and rich experience working with youth and adults,” Warren said.
Ms. Archibald is currently heading diversity work and teaching English at the Cambridge School of Weston. Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, awarded her a BA in Mass Media and English Literature, and Harvard University awarded her an MLA in English and American Literature. She’s also taught English at Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Atlanta, H. Lavity Stout Community College in the British Virgin Islands, and British Virgin Islands High School in the British Virgin Islands. She has also worked with the Boston Center for Community and Justice as a curriculum consultant and writer.

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