Auto fill definition

Auto fill definition

How to use auto fill in excel 2010 by saurabh kumar (hindi

When we select both cells and drag them down, the visual representation is like a solid cross, and the series is automatically filled, which is the autofill feature of excel. For example, if a cell has a value of 1 and another cell below has a value of 2, when we select both cells and drag them down, the visual representation is like a solid cross, and the series is automatically filled, which is the autofill feature of excel.
Excel will automatically recognize the pattern created by these two cell values and continue to fill the range of cells. We can fill the range of cells by increments or decrements using these steps. Take a look at the image below.
Pick the cells you want to fill, drag the Fill Handle over the range you want to fill, and then press “AutoFill Options.” Then select the option “Copy Cells” to replicate the starting cell values across the entire range, as shown below:
Excel has more options for dates under Excel Auto Fill Options, including four options (Copy cells, Fill Series, Fill formatting only, Fill without formatting). The following are some additional Excel Auto Fill options:

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Autofill is a software feature that fills out web forms and spreadsheets automatically. It’s not to be confused with autocomplete or autocorrect, which are two different things. When typing, autocomplete completes words or sentences, and autocorrect corrects spelling errors.
You fill out a form any time you enter details on a website. There are only two fields on certain forms, such as login forms (for a username and password). Others require you to fill out multiple fields before submitting the form.
Standard information such as your name, email address, phone number, and home address is required on most online registration and purchase forms. Autofill stores this information in your browser and helps you to quickly fill in popular form fields.
Other types of details, such as website logins and credit card numbers, can also be saved using autofill. Most browsers store usernames and passwords for various websites in a safe manner. After you’ve saved your login information, you can use autofill to easily fill in the username and password fields.

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Excel has a feature that allows you to enter data automatically. You can use the AutoFill command to automatically expand a predictable sequence (for example, 1, 2, 3…; days of the week; hours of the day). You can also use AutoFill to propagate formulas – create the formula once, then use AutoFill to propagate it to the other cells.
1. Move the cursor over the little block in the lower right corner of the active cell, and the cursor moves to a hairline plus sign (+), rather than the normal block plus sign.
2. To fill in the remaining cells, click and hold the fill handle and drag to the right (or down). Excel automatically changes the formula for the row it is currently on (for example, the total formula for February will be =SUM(B3:F3), and so on).

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The AutoFill Excel function is the subject of this article. In Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier, you’ll learn how to fill down series of numbers, dates, and other details, as well as build and use custom lists. This article will also ensure that you understand everything there is to know about the fill handle, as you might be shocked at how strong this small choice is.
When you’re on a tight schedule, every second counts. As a result, you’ll need to know how to automate regular spreadsheet tasks in every possible way. AutoFill is a common function in Excel, and I’m sure you’ve used it before. It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not just about copying values down a column or obtaining a sequence of numbers or dates. It’s all about making your own collections, double-clicking to populate a wide collection, and a lot more. If you know where the fill handle is, it’s time to learn about all the advantages it has.
Fill handle in Excel will help you get a series of numbers or text values, whether you only want to copy the same value down or need to get a series of numbers or text values. It’s an essential part of the AutoFill function. When you pick a cell or range, the Fill handle appears as a small square in the bottom-right corner.

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