Auto dealer support proton technologies

Auto dealer support proton technologies

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Proton Dealership IT offers a completely outsourced IT department as well as Cyber Security Services for the automotive retail industry. Our dealership experience provides us with a unique perspective that helps us to develop and manage the most effective IT systems for your dealership. Our technicians, including professional engineers trained in dealership-specific software, are knowledgeable in all your dealership needs to keep it running smoothly. …cybersecurity, helpdesk, networks, firewalls, infrastructure, VOIP, wifi, EDR, IT Support, Ransomware

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In recent years, the amount of data and devices your dealership needs to compete in today’s market has skyrocketed. The car-buying experience has been changed by wireless networking, smartphone applications, and cloud computing. A dealership requires an average of seven software systems to complete a single sales transaction. ¹ The reliability of your network infrastructure is required for all of these technologies that support critical business operations.
It’s no surprise that maintaining large, mission-critical networks in a cost-effective manner while ensuring optimum uptime to maintain efficiency and cybersecurity safeguards is a major challenge for many dealerships. Employees and customers can become irritated by slow network performance if you don’t get it right. A network collapse or cyberattack, on the other hand, can take a dealership’s entire network offline for days. When new applications and gadgets are added to the mix, the situation can only get more complicated.
“Most IT workers are preoccupied with only keeping the dealership engine going by handling day-to-day tasks like keeping the internet up, making sure printers are working, and managing team members’ problems, but introducing more technology exposes you to more security concerns.”

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Proton Holdings Berhad (PHB; informally Proton) is a Malaysian automotive company that specializes in vehicle design, production, distribution, and sales. Proton was established in 1983 and served as Malaysia’s sole national badged car manufacturer until the introduction of Perodua in 1993. The company’s headquarters are in Shah Alam, Selangor, and it also has operations in Proton City, Perak. The acronym ‘Proton’ stands for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional in Bahasa Malaysia (National Automobile Company).
In the 1980s and 1990s, Proton was known for producing rebadged models of Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) vehicles. In the year 2000, Proton developed the first non-badge engineered, indigenously designed vehicle, elevating Malaysia to the 11th country in the world with the capability to build cars from the ground up. [two] Proton has developed a combination of locally designed and badge engineered vehicles since the 2000s. Proton automobiles are currently available in at least 15 countries, the majority of which are located in Asia.

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