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The Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal is a convenient and fast way to start accepting payments with your Authorize.Net account. It helps you to manually insert payment details without the use of a card reader or other costly hardware. Join us for a short Virtual Terminal demonstration. Invoicing in the digital age
With your Authorize.Net account, digital invoicing is a simple and fast way to start accepting payments. You can use the invoicing function to generate and deliver an email invoice to your clients, who can then pay their invoice using a computer or mobile device. Join us right now for a short demonstration on invoicing, which can help you get paid sooner. Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (Advanced Fraud Detection Suite)
With 13 configurable fraud filters, the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, or AFDS, helps protect your company from fraud by detecting, handling, and preventing costly fraudulent transactions. Join us right now for a short AFDS demonstration. Point of Sale on the Go digital invoicing – training demo

OwnerRez provides a variety of payment processing solutions, including credit card acceptance. We are not, however, a credit card processing company. Instead, we work with a variety of industry-standard processors and gateways, so you can pick and choose the one you want to use, and OwnerRez can happily communicate with it and process your guests’ credit cards behind the scenes.
One of the many credit card gateways we deal with is Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net is one of the oldest e-commerce credit card gateways on the market, having been established in 1996. Although the business has changed hands many times over the years, from Go2Net to InfoSpace to Lightbridge to CyberSource, it is now owned by Visa and continues to provide a smooth, reliable payment processing platform that has remained largely unchanged for more than two decades.
It’s important to note that Authorize.Net isn’t a processor in the typical sense, and it doesn’t offer merchant accounts on its own. Authorize.Net is only used as a “internet portal” on top of other bank or processor accounts. Since Authorize.Net is a well-known service with a long history, many processors and banks use it to connect with interchange. Many banks would include an Authorize.Net account because they would rather use a well-known service – especially one that is used by many existing apps and software systems – than create their own integration. mobile point of sale – training demo

CardConnect and Authorize.Net are two of the most well-known payment processors. With no upfront costs and the most affordable rates, we offer a full merchant account and payment gateway bundle. Sign up now to see why tens of thousands of businesses have chosen CardConnect and Authorize.Net.
Most big shopping cart and ecommerce sites are compliant with the Authorize.Net gateway. The bulk of the work has already been completed for you if you use one of these pre-integrated solutions. Entering your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key numbers is all it takes to finish your account setup. Check with your software provider to see if Authorize.Net has been incorporated. Authorize.Net has a range of developer APIs and connection methods to meet your needs if you’re creating your own custom e-commerce solution.
A Virtual Terminal is included with every Authorize.Net account, allowing transactions to be manually entered and processed. The virtual terminal is a web-based program that allows an infinite number of simultaneous users and can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer. This is a perfect choice for companies that do mail or phone orders., a visa solution

With Chargent, the leading payments app on the Salesforce AppExchange, you can easily connect and Salesforce. All transactions are visible in Salesforce, and you can handle refunds, submit payment links, and more.
You can build a sandbox account with in seconds if you don’t already have one for testing. Sign up for a live account and add it to your merchant account if you want to process live payments.
This tutorial will show you how to use Chargent to connect the payment gateway to Salesforce. By pressing buttons or using a recurring billing batch, Chargent allows you to charge credit cards directly from Salesforce.
Note that this is mainly a synchronous integration, which means that transactions sent to from Salesforce will receive responses (approved / rejected with relevant information) and be stored in Salesforce, but transactions not initiated from Salesforce will not be synced.

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