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T-9 Classic Slider Windsurf Harness by Dakine Detailed information: The T-9 Classic Slider Windsurf Harness from Dakine is the most recent addition to the famous T-series. It has an adjustable fit design that allows the backpanel to conform to your body’s shape for hardshell custom comfort with all the rigidity and support you need for sailing. The rib zone and spine have high-rebound memory foam pillows for comfort, while the backpanel has a silicone print pattern and EVA foam to hold the harness in place. The basic feature of all T-series parts is the easy-in/easy-out spreader bar, which slides smoothly for maximum freedom when on the water.

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Is it possible to find out who remastered this version? It appears to have been remastered. Thank you so much! The Slider – T. Rex Spirit Music Group – no label File, MP3, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 320kbps Format:13 Country: United States of America 21st of August, 2015 Rock is a genre of music. Style: Glam, Pop Rock
One of the best pop-rock albums of all time. Marc Bolan’s earlier recordings were a little quirky at times, but with a big backing band and Tony Visconti at the helm for “The Slider,” everything great about Bolan as a performer and songwriter is concentrated and mastered. This album packs a punch! There are a few songs on “Electric Warrior” that I like, but overall, this is his best record. The quality of the Canadian Quality Records pressing is excellent, with a well-balanced sound that comes across clearly. For a later reissue, it’s not awful!
The first thing to note about this album is the cover, which was shot by none other than Ringo Star, a Beatle. As far as albums go, this isn’t a bad one. It starts off with Metal Guru, which is one of T.Rex’s most well-known songs, but it irritates me a little. The rest of the album is packed with great little songs with rocking hooks and trashy fun, my favorite of which is Buick Mackane, which was later covered by Guns N’ Roses, but the original is still the best. I like T.Rex in small amounts, and this was just the right amount to get me high; any more and I’ll tear my hair out. Metal Guru, Buick Mackane, and Telegram Sam are three of the album’s standout tracks.

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Marc Bolan’s band T. Rex released The Slider in 1972, their seventh album since their debut as Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1968 and their third under the name T. Rex. The record labels EMI and Reprise released it on July 21. To promote the album, two singles were released: “Telegram Sam” and “Metal Guru.”
The front and back cover images are credited to Ringo Starr in the album notes. The photos were taken at John Lennon’s estate, Tittenhurst Park, on the same day that Starr was shooting the T. Rex documentary Born to Boogie. [requires citation] Producer Tony Visconti, on the other hand, denies that Starr took the picture, claiming “When we were on the set of Born to Boogie, Marc [Bolan] handed me his motorized Nikon and asked me to shoot two rolls of black and white film. Ringo, the film’s producer, had spent the whole day lining up shots. However, Marc obviously saw an opportunity for photo credit and gave Ringo credit for the pictures.” [number six]
The famous grainy image of the cover is due in large part to the way the film was processed. Robert Horner Photography in Kensington received the film from the Born to Boogie shoot. The role of processing the film fell to a young darkroom technician, who stayed on to develop the four rolls of black and white 35mm film, inspired by his love of T.Rex. To see whether they were of T.Rex, the evolving chemical, Kodak D76, was heated to a far higher temperature than recommended, cutting the processing time in half. The stop bath chemical, which was used to keep the film from progressing any further until being fixed, stayed at the lower normal temperature. This action triggered some reticulation of the film emulsion, giving the cover image a subtle yet interesting effect.

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As a result of continuously patterned fabrics, color variations can occur. Detailfotos that aren’t in the same color as the original product are only used to highlight specific features or points of view.
XS = 28-30″ [71-76cm] XS = 28-30″ [71-76cm] – 6″/15 cm Spreader Bar S = 30-32″ [76-81cm] S = 30-32″ [76-81cm] S = 30-32″ [76-81 – 10″/25 cm Spreader Bar M (81-86cm) = 32-34″ – 10″/25 cm Spreader Bar 34-36″ [86-91cm] L – 10″/25 cm Spreader Bar 36-38″ [91-96cm] XL – 12″/30 cm Spreader Bar
XS = 28-30″ [71-76cm] XS = 28-30″ [71-76cm] – 6″/15 cm Spreader Bar S = 30-32″ [76-81cm] S = 30-32″ [76-81cm] S = 30-32″ [76-81 – 10″/25 cm Spreader Bar M (81-86cm) = 32-34″ – 10″/25 cm Spreader Bar L = 34-36″ [86-91cm] – 10″/25 cm Spreader BarXL = 36-38″ [91-96cm] – 12″/30 cm Spreader Bar

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