Asus rt n66u dns

Asus rt n66u dns

Asus router simpletelly smart dns setup

To minimize ads, I use a pi-hole server. My router (an ASUS RT-N66U) is set up to send DNS requests to my pi-hole server. Overall, this is a brilliant approach. It works for any system connected to my router via wired Ethernet or wireless on the 2.4GHz network, at least. The issue is with the 5GHz network. When I’m linked to my 5GHz wireless, the DNS setting is completely ignored. I looked everywhere, and it appears that the router’s config page for both 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless networks has a common DNS config choice. The 5GHz side, on the other hand, ignores it. For eg, I can go to a website and surf ad-free on my phone (connected to 2.4GHZ wireless). All of the ads are present when I connect to the 5GHz wireless network and refresh the tab. It’s as if it’s totally missing the pi-hole server. Will anybody have any idea what’s going on?
When it comes to 5Ghz DHCP, is it likely that buggy firmware is to blame? If you’re using the most recent firmware, that is. There isn’t anything you can do except try 3rd party firmware such as Merlin. Alternatively, you might hope that they update it, which is unlikely given that it is no longer for sale.

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As a first point of contact, I’ve already contacted ASUS. They requested that I download and submit the CFG, SYSLOG, FEEDBACK, and TOPOLOGY files, as well as a FEEDBACK form explaining the problem. Their mail server went down for 24 hours as soon as I finished the files I wanted to send to them. I was eventually able to submit the files, but two days later, Asus contacted me and informed me that they had received the files.
If you’re wondering if I switched DNS servers from my ISP’s, the answer is yes. Yes, indeed. The router was changed to Cloudflare, but the change to was not to search for name resolution issues. No matter what DNS server I use, I get the same test results.
Is it possible that these would be the settings needed (if there was an option to choose “NO”) to resolve names on my home network without using the router’s IP address as a proxy nameserver?
The results of various Reverse IP lookup queries, in my opinion, are worth paying attention to. It was my hope that I would be able to append these screenshots, but the “uplink” button on this forum is greyed out and unusable.

Ddns setup for asus router for easy access or create your

When your smartphone or router connects to the internet, your ISP assigns DNS servers automatically, so you don’t have to use them. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to switch DNS servers (we go over many of them in Why Use Different DNS Servers? further down the page), but privacy and speed are two major benefits.
Primary DNS servers are sometimes referred to as preferred DNS servers, while secondary DNS servers are sometimes referred to as alternative DNS servers. Primary and secondary DNS servers from various providers may be “mixed and balanced” to shield you if the primary provider fails.
Quad9 offers free public DNS servers that protect your computer and other devices from cyber attacks by blocking unsafe websites instantly and automatically without storing your personal information.
OpenDNS promises 100 percent uptime and reliability, and it has 90 million users worldwide. They have two free public DNS servers, one of which is dedicated to parental controls and provides hundreds of filtering options.

Asus router quick how-to: setup your own ddns

I’m trying to use the ASUS RT-AC66U router to set up a custom DNS server on a separate device. I attempted to install ASUSWTR-merlin custom firmware but was unable to do so; I am still on standard firmware.
Note: If you make these changes, devices that were previously connected to the router will have to wait until the Lease Time Expires or until they receive the new settings before they can use them. To force a computer to renew its connection on a Windows machine, use ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew.

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