Asus rt-ac88u slow wifi

Asus rt-ac88u slow wifi

Why is my wifi so slow? “steer” clear of the 2.4 ghz band

Hello there, everybody! I’ve exhausted all of the related threads, but I’m having trouble with this one. 350mbps and a new Superhub 3. In router mode, I’m getting 350+ on 5G at times, but it fluctuates a lot and has a short range. At under 100mbps, 2G is painfully sluggish. Wired is a constant 350+. My idea was to use the RT-AC86U, which I had no problems with on my old Superhub. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, the 86U in router mode only gives me about 100mbps. I haven’t tried a wired link to the SH3 while it’s in router mode, but I’m pretty sure it’s an Asus setting that’s preventing it. I’ve tried a factory reset and downloading the most recent Merlin drivers, but the issue persists. Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? I’m getting decent speed from the SH3, but the wi-fi is terrible, and the Asus worked fine with the original SH. Please accept my deepest appreciation.
Do you get a different result if you enable QoS for the device you’re measuring the speed on? I’m not familiar with the Asus routers other than their popularity, but based on a similar issue I had with a different router, do you get a different result if you enable QoS for the device you’re measuring the speed on?
Do you have any other gadgets you can use to monitor speed besides your primary machine? (I had an odd problem the other week with a Windows 10 machine that was getting very low speeds due to a bungled auto-driver update by Microsoft).
If both devices (wired and wireless) are affected, it may be worth switching the ethernet cables around – the Hub 3 is known for throwing hissy fits over cable compatibility, but I’ve had no issues even when using short lengths of old, skanky Cat 5 cable.

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That, I assume, is the case. Also, switching the channel manually rather than allowing it to do it automatically and turning off DFS seems to help. On channel 44, I have a 5GHz radio, and on channel 11, I have a 2GHz radio.
I found that manually changing the channel to 44 for the 5ghz and 11 for the other makes it a little easier. The smart link and auto pick DFS channels must be turned off. I finally returned the router because I already owned an ac88 router.
So I had an old Netgear router and bought the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, and the speeds were bad. Then I made the decision to replace the router with a mesh system. Velop, Orbi, Ubiquity, and Eero were among the many I sought. Eero was the best, but that’s beside the point. My S20 could only download 40 Mpbs and upload about 20 Mpbs on each of these systems. Regardless of the location, wireless device, signal strength, or other factors. I tested several laptops, tablets, and iPads, and all of them were able to pull down the right speeds of 100/20 Mpbs.

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Follow up on the advice I gave earlier. I just checked the specifications for the DLink router you listed, and it’s only an AC1200 model. That means the router can do two spatial streams in either direction, so upgrading to the 8265 to get support for doing that in both directions could still help, but that router doesn’t support Wave 2 features like MU-MIMO, which is newer than the AC1200. Even so, $20 on Amazon isn’t a bad deal, and the exchange will be easy.
hey, man! You’re fantastic. Thank you for providing this information. I’ll certainly look into upgrading to 8265 now that I know about it. Any suggestions for updating my router to take full advantage of the 5GHz band’s 250Mbps?
This week, I got a new Dell Inspiron 15 5570. When compared to my wife’s Lenovo or my Galaxy S5 tablet, WiFi speeds were very slow, according to SpeedTest. T-TM-AC1900 Mobile’s router is what I’m using. I came across this thread and wanted to uninstall SmartBytes as suggested by others. My download speed increased from 55 to 180 Mbps! Thank you for this extremely useful knowledge!

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For my new 200 mbps down/up link, I recently purchased an ASUS RT-AC88U. I get the right speeds when I am not using my router. I get 100 mbps down/up when I use my router. I contacted ASUS, but they were unable to assist me. We reset the router several times, tried various firmware, and so on. I’m at a loss for what to do.
When using the router, there are two cables that can cause problems. If the port was negotiated to 1g or 100m, your machine can inform you. For testing purposes, connect both cables to the router’s lan ports. Your device will be technically wired to the wall jack but will physically move through your router’s lan ports.
There isn’t anything you can do except buy some new cat5e cables and hope for the best. The only other possibility is that equipment ports are unreliable, which would be extremely dangerous. Of course, there’s a possibility there’s an issue with the in-wall cable. You must inspect the jack closely to see if something appears to be loose. If this were a home, I would suggest cutting off an inch and reterminating it, but that is not a good idea in an apartment.

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