Asus router not getting full speed

Asus router not getting full speed

Asus rt-ac68u traditional qos lan download speed

For my new 200 mbps down/up link, I recently purchased an ASUS RT-AC88U. I get the right speeds when I am not using my router. I get 100 mbps down/up when I use my router. I approached ASUS, but they were unable to assist me. We reset the router several times, tried various firmware, and so on. I’m at a loss for what to do.
When using the router, there are two cables that can cause issues. If the port was negotiated to 1g or 100m, your computer can inform you. For testing purposes, link both cables to the router’s lan ports. Your computer will be technically wired to the wall jack but will physically move through your router’s lan ports.
There isn’t anything you can do except buy some new cat5e cables and hope for the best. The only other explanation is that equipment ports are faulty, which would be extremely dangerous. Of course, there’s a possibility there’s an issue with the in-wall cable. You must inspect the jack closely to see if something appears to be loose. If this were a home, I would suggest cutting off an inch and reterminating it, but that is not a good idea in an apartment.

Asus router quick how-to: optimize network traffic with qos

My internet speed from my desktop computer, which is connected to the router via ethernet, is 10 Mbps, according to However, when I test my speed from my laptop (Surface Pro) on the same WiFi network using the same router, it is 3 Mbps. Furthermore, Windows 8 File Explorer records a 3 Mbps transfer rate when I’m transferring files over the wireless network. When I use my phone (Samsung Focus WP7) to test the network, I get a speed of 7 Mbps.
You can get some reliability by setting it to 802.11g (depending on the router). (This is how it normally works for me) You might try 802.11n only if you have a modern modem, but if your connection speed is only 65Mbps in that mode, it may be easier to choose 802.11g for reliability because your modem does not support maximum 802.11n speeds.
Also, since speedtests can vary greatly, use a consistent (and several/different) speedtest. For example, some speedtests show that I have 5Mbps when I actually have 150Mbps. For me, works well. They also have a smartphone app ( that allows you to compare the speed of your phone to that of your laptop.

My private network vpn on asus router speed test

It appears to be bargaining at 100Mb/s.

How to get full speed wifi??? fix your slow wifi

According to, the RT-N66U should be capable of up to 200Mb/s.

How to manage bandwidth with asus router app | asus

Have you tried turning off the router’s QoS as well as some other CPU-intensive functions?
Hello there.
Nothing important is running on the PC, and QoS is turned off.
I just tried a different firmware to see if it would improve, but it had no effect.
I’m going to get the home hub out of the closet and give it a shot.
Hi, @MikeJK.
The same goes for HH3b. Even when wired into a Gig slot, the speed is only 100Mb. Since it’s happening with all three routers, it sounds like you have a defective Ethernet cable. Have you tried replacing all ethernet cables with Cat6 cables?
I just plugged in my laptop with a brand new 5e cable from the new router and it worked perfectly.
To be sure, I turned the WAN cable over and reconnected it to my machine, bypassing the router once more, and it works great.
Isn’t Cat 5e more than enough?
@MikeJK wrote:I’ve just plugged my laptop into the new router with a brand new 5e cable and it’s working perfectly.
To be sure, I turned the WAN cable over and reconnected it to my machine, bypassing the router once more, and it works great.
Isn’t Cat 5e more than enough?
You can use Cat6 cables at those speeds because you are stretching the limits of Cat 5e cables.

The fix – how to get the most out of your router

I have to go back to router only mode often because I would like to use my own router with my link, but I am only getting 100 Mbps on vivid 350 down.

Asus rt-n66u wired setup

36 up, according to what I’ve read, other users with a third-party router are having the same issue. I’m not sure what it is, but something between the asus router in modem only mode is hogging the bandwidth; when in router mode, I get the full 350 down and 36 upload speeds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated in this regard. Greetings, 456 Neon
As a result, on a 350 Mbs contractRouter mode receives 350 / 36 Mbs.
In modem mode, you’ll get 100 / 36 Mbs.
If you choose to use the Asus router with the Hub 3 in router mode, you can do so, but there might be signal/channel conflicts.
But, first and foremost, I will look into why there is such a gap in Hub 3 modes, which is something that someone else would have to investigate.
Since the asus rt n66u dual band router is slower than the super hub 3, and it only has n wireless technology, I’d have to buy an asus ac router that has both n and ac wireless modes. I’ve tried everything from upgrading the cable to resetting the asus router, but I’m still having the same speeds, so I’ve decided it’s the asus router’s speed that’s slower than the super hub 3.

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