Archimedes academy for math science and technology applications

Archimedes academy for math science and technology applications

The history of physics and its applications

For three years, I attended a private school in Yonkers. I recently moved to Archimedes Academy and instantly felt at ease. The teachers are helpful and welcoming. The majority of the kids are friendly, and I feel better here than in Yonkers. I participate in SOBRO, an after-school program that assists me in preparing for my future.
This is a six-to-twelve-year-old kindergarten. This is the worst school I’ve ever attended. Don’t send your child/children here if you want them to be successful in life. The school’s name is Archimedes Academy of Technology, but there is no technology on the premises. The building doesn’t even have a library for the kids. There is no resource space for children who do not have one at home. Parents with special needs children should not send their children to this school because Archimedes lacks the ability to care for all of their children who attend. It’s a farce to be in high school. From the moment they come in until it’s time to leave, high school students walk around the building. And there are no implications. Children sit in class with their phones in their hands, playing games or listening to music without consequence. Children are free to leave the school building and go to the supermarket without fear of repercussions. The principal is never seen by the students because she spends 95 percent of the day in her office and only comes out when the superintendent tells her that she will be in the building. Ms. Lazar, the principal, knows about 5% of her students and their problems. As a result, as a school employee. If you want your child to be good, a leader, and a well-developed productive person in society, please do not send him or her to this school.

Archimedes academy for math science and technology

As compared to similar students in the state, students at this school are making average academic progress considering where they were last year. Average success with low test scores suggests that students begin at a disadvantage but gradually catch up with their peers.
This school’s test scores are below the state average, which is worrying. This indicates that the majority of students at this school are likely not performing at grade level. Parental advice Inquire about the school’s efforts to assist students who are falling behind. To find the best opportunities for your child to excel, learn what on-track learning looks like… More and look at higher-performing schools in your state.
A worrying sign: Poor students at this school may be slipping behind their peers in the state, and there may be major achievement gaps at this school. Does this school have opportunities for all of its pupils, or does it exclude some? Schools that are competitive know how to close the achievement gap.

Buoyancy application

Please read the District School Reopening Plan of the New York City Department of Education, which details the strategy, guidelines, and processes that schools will follow to reopen safely in September. Building on the District Plan, each school has given details on key connections and safety initiatives that have been implemented, which can be found in the links below.
All school buildings have been inspected for ventilation in order to ensure optimum protection for staff and students. Prior to Monday, September 21, the DOE will make repairs or upgrades, and/or close any rooms that have not been repaired by that date.
Quality of Education in Schools
The Department of Education creates resources to assist families and educators in better understanding student success and school quality. The papers on this page compile data on school quality from a variety of sources. Feedback from students, teachers, and parents is one of these outlets. Formal school visits and a number of student success measures are also included in the studies.
1 out of 10 – There is general access to at least some of the ground floor through an accessible entrance, but not all of the ground floor’s spaces may be accessible. There are no toilets or classrooms that are wheelchair accessible.

Archimedes’ principle

Our Social Emotional Learning materials support the goals of the state’s ESSA plan and help to create a healthy school environment. The tools provide educators with benchmarks and structures for implementing Social Emotional Learning in their schools and classrooms.
The current federal law for K-12 public education, the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, mandates that states keep public schools responsible for student achievement. New York State developed a series of metrics to evaluate the success of schools and districts.
In New York State, students in grades 3 and 8 take standardized tests in English language arts and mathematics, science in grades 4 and 8, and high school Regents exams in English, mathematics, science, and social sciences. The assessments are designed to assess how well students understand the learning principles that govern classroom teaching, ensuring that students graduate from high school with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning skills required for success in college and the modern workplace.

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