Aptoide safe reddit

Aptoide safe reddit

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I’d like to download Pubg on an unsupported phone, but I’m not sure if it’s safe; here’s the link: en.aptoide.com (it has a wikipedia aswell) There are three remarks. share, save, and hide the article 4% of overall This post has been upvoted. This discussion has been ended. Secure sites like troypoint (or modded versions from reddit) will still have media and streaming applications, and standard Play Store apps will be available on apkpure and apkmirror. level 2. Yeah, but do you have confidence in your source?
What method do you use to check that? Please excuse my stupidity. Yes, it does. We found malware on Aptoide, so it’s not absolutely secure. But beware: it’s also available on the Play Store. Although the likelihood is obviously higher in Aptoide, it is the only counter that this fantastic app has. In terms of benefits, Aptoide offers a large selection of applications and repositories, as well as the ability to search for apps by country. The safety of Aptoide is largely determined by the repository you choose.
This scanner consists of three antiviruses that are always involved and should verify the APK file’s compatibility with the applications. Based on power, reliability is graded with a variety of colors. Is Aptoide a stable platform? 201 comments on the 30th of November. Pires, Diogo

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“It conceals Aptoide,” says the narrator. The user is unable to see the Aptoide icon and therefore open it. Aptoide installations are blocked even though they go to ‘settings’ and say they trust Aptoide,” he says. “If it seems violent, that’s because it’s a really offensive and impactful move.”
“We assume we have a more reliable solution. We refer to this as “protection by design,” since we don’t consider all apps to be safe in the same way. “Each app has a badge based on the developer’s reputation: Trustworthy, Unknown, Alert, Critical,” he explains.
“We’re almost certain that apps that have a trusted badge are secure. New apps from new developers, on the other hand, [carry] a higher risk, despite all of the technologies we’ve built to detect it. They’ll keep the badge “unknown” until the group votes it trustworthy. This could take a few weeks, or it could take months.”

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I was planning on downloading aptoide, but some of the permissions troubled me. Why does it require my precise location, the ability to add or delete accounts, build accounts and set passwords, and the ability to locate and use accounts on my device? Any support will be extremely beneficial.
Aptoide is secure, but users upload apps to Aptoide’s stores. Any Aptoide apps you download should have a green shield with a check mark (meaning they have no viruses). If they don’t, it’s because they haven’t been virus-scanned.

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The package description (for example, this one) contains relevant information suggesting safety measures such as malware scan, signature validation, and third-party validation. However, as the accompanying web page demonstrates, this knowledge appears to depend at least in part on user input (which may be faked/manipulated) or is not even shown to the user (the package info e.g. names 3 scanners used to check, I cannot find this info on the web page). Although I might be able to look things up using package information, I cannot ask my parents, who are in their 70s, to do so. Aptoide also mentions how to see the effects of their security measures on this page, and specifically states:
2 For example, it requested the “unsuspecting” READ PHONE STATE with the usual justification on first install. It could request CALL PHONE, PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS, and other things with an update, and the Play app wouldn’t show them because they’re in the “same category.”
6 This could be done by understanding (and limiting the use to) “protected Aptoide repositories.” But, as I wrote, I couldn’t decide which ones were “clean.” According to the Aptoide article on Wikipedia, there is a “default repo” on install, and additional repos must be added manually; thus, sticking to the first one might be safe.

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