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Apperson education products

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Apperson is a national pioneer in delivering educational assessment and scoring solutions. DataLink test scanners, response sheets, and monitoring software are available for K-12 and higher education. Their tools and products collect data from paper evaluations and exams, saving time for educators. Apperson has 125 staff and is based in Cerritos, California.
While revenues were strong, the company believed it had reached its peak in domestic sales and needed to devise a new growth plan. The company had previously done some foreign business with Mexico, Malaysia, and Australia, but there was no official policy or coordinated exporting plan in place. In order to identify new target countries and consumers, the organization needed strategic guidance.

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Apperson Education Products, a leading supplier of evaluation and data collection products and services, is running a “Gives Back” contest in which schools can receive up to $1500 for educational purposes such as new computers, classroom equipment, educational field trips, and so on. Hartman Middle School would put the money they won into a laptop and a color laser printer for their math and science Magnet program.
Hartman Middle School was able to buy five laptops with protective covers, a color printer, an external hard drive to store students’ projects that they will add to each year, Microsoft 2010 software, and three reams of white cardstock paper to print their projects on.
With the combination of a solid academic curriculum and comprehensive learning in science and math related fields, the mathematics and science Magnet programs provide students with the potential for detailed learning in science and math related fields. In a variety of science classes, students are encouraged to improve laboratory skills through “hands-on” experimentation. Students at Hartman Middle School always want to do technical experiments, but there aren’t enough student computers and no color printer for them to print their work. This will no longer be an impediment to the students’ development of these ventures.

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Thanks to Apperson Education Products, a leading supplier of test scoring and evaluation solutions, the ubiquitous bubble-in response sheet common to any student in America has entered the ranks of the go-green movement. To help ensure a greener future for our world, this progressive, family-owned business has agreed to bear the increased costs of making a 100 percent recycled commodity, recognizing the complexities of the current economy.
“As part of our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and become a more environmentally conscious business, we’ve enlisted the support of our main paper suppliers to provide a 100% recycled paper response sheet to the education community,” said Kelly Doherty, President of Apperson Education Products. “Overcoming the higher costs compared to virgin paper has been our greatest obstacle, but we’ve decided to bear these costs.”
With the economy slowing and many school budgets frozen, any cost rise, even for an environmentally friendly product, would deter many schools from making the switch, even if they wanted to. A 100 percent recycled paper response sheet, on the other hand, is just too important a commodity to wait for the economy and school budgets to improve.

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The most famous Apperson Education Products product support software drivers are listed below. To update, pick your device’s Model Name/Number, then press the Download button. If you can’t find the right driver for your computer and operating system, type the model name into the search box below.
It’s possible that the drivers have been disabled as a result of recent power outages, viruses, or other computer issues. To find the right driver for your hardware and operating system, look through the list above. Using our custom driver search engine to find the same driver and see more results.
Tech Tip: If you’re having trouble deciding which driver to use, try the Apperson Education Products Driver Upgrade Utility. It’s a piece of software that will automatically locate the correct driver for you.
You must then install your new driver after downloading it. To install a driver in Windows, you’ll need to use System Manager, which is a built-in application. It helps you to see all of the devices that your machine recognizes, as well as the drivers that go with them.

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