App lock hack

App lock hack

How to hack applock on android ( works for applock version

The protection feature’s most basic purpose is to lock your Android apps so that no one can access or remove them, but applock can also hide photos, images, contacts, and individual messages.
App Lock is a basic app that sits on top of your other Android applications. You can get app lock for free from the Google Play Store. Although applock is free to use, the Pro version of the app will set you back a few bucks.
Anyone can access those files with this operation, and an attacker can do so by installing a file manager on the computer and replacing certain files in the directory while also retrieving data from the SQLite database.
The second flaw allows an attacker to brute-force the PIN associated with an app. According to the researchers, the SALT that used to be attached to the password/PIN was a “domobile” fixed SALT.
AppLock is available in over 50 countries and supports 24 languages, with over 100 million users. DoMobile, in addition to AppLock, creates a variety of applications for Android and iOS users.

How to open applock without password in android phone

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How to hack applock on android – how to break anyones

With Apple being very defensive in terms of confidentiality, they have denied many FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) demands/requests to unlock an iPhone of the shooter in the San Bernardino case. The Cupertino behemoth is very respectful of its users’ privacy, which is admirable. In this case, we’re not trying to sell you anything; instead, we’re just showing you how simple it is to get around some application-based protection that many people use these days.
Some people want to keep everything on their phones hidden for no reason, and they don’t want even their family members to know what they’ve been up to all day. There is a way for concerned family members or parents to easily access the media gallery or even see what activities they have been doing through WhatsApp messages.
We tried this technique on an Android phone but not on an iPhone. For example, your friend’s phone has certain apps, such as Gallery, File Manager, and even WhatsApp, locked. So, once he gives you his phone, he expects you to be unable to access the gallery because breaking the App Lock would be impossible. Below, we’ve shown two separate hacks for breaking through any smartphone’s app lock features.

Hindi || unlock any locked app without password in advance

App Lock is one of the most useful Android applications. After its release on the App Store, it has become a must-have app for every smartphone. You can use App lock to lock any form of app or gallery. You may have noticed that some applications and games on your friends’ Android smartphones are locked, preventing anyone from accessing them without a password. You won’t be able to open those locked apps normally. However, using these simple tricks, you can circumvent or hack Android App Lock.
When app lock is activated for the “Install / uninstall ” function, this trick fails. Proceed to method 2 if this is the case. If you uninstall the program, the phone’s administrator might find out. This is not the best choice.
This is the simplest and preferred method for bypassing or hacking app lock in any Android phone without having to uninstall it. Yes, unlike the previous process, there is no need to uninstall the app lock. You should easily put an end to it.

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