Anyconnect for mobile license

Anyconnect for mobile license

Cisco anyconnect vpn with certificates

Although the 5510, 5520, and larger models had been discontinued, Cisco continued to sell and support the ASA5505. I blame Cisco for this because they didn’t make it clear that while the 5510, 5520, and larger models had been discontinued, Cisco continued to sell and support the ASA5505. In any case, the ASA5505 is still available and not yet EOL, as far as I can tell (but I suspect that will change very soon in favor of the 5506-X). I’d like to add an AnyConnect mobile license (L-ASA-AC-M-5505=) before it goes EOL, but it appears that this is no longer available.
It’s just far too easy to be able to link your cell phone to your home network, giving it access to your own VoIP system, and so on, from anywhere in the world.
I was able to obtain a temporary license from Cisco’s website, which works flawlessly, but its days are numbered, and I’d like to obtain a permanent license before they are no longer available, or maybe it is already too late?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Greetings, Stevemoores.
I assume you would not be able to buy a permanent license if you have the Essentials/Premium licensing model on your ASA5505. Instead, the long-term option will be to move from Essentials/Premium to Plus/Apex licensing. Here’s a connection to an ordering guide and a FAQ:

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Cisco has switched to a subscription-based licensing model for the new AnyConnect licenses, which means consumers may have to pay more money in the long run. On the other hand, the Plus Perpetual License allows Cisco customers to buy a one-time license, but it is slightly more expensive than the subscription-based license.
It’s also worth noting that AnyConnect 4.0 is no longer licensed based on the number of simultaneous connections (as was the case with AnyConnect 3.x), but rather on the number of users. This means that if a user connects with his smartphone and laptop at the same time, he would only need one license.
According to Cisco, since the newer AnyConnect licenses are subscription-based, they will stop operating if their subscription expires and is not renewed. The following operating systems are supported by Cisco AnyConnect Stable Mobility Client 4.0:
In order to support mobile devices, AnyConnect 3.x allowed the purchase of an Essentials or Premium license plus AnyConnect Mobile (L-ASA-AC-M-55xx) (Smartphones, Tablets etc.). The updated AnyConnect Plus license now includes AnyConnect Mobile.

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Administrators may use the Network Visibility Module (for Windows and Mac OS X platforms) to track endpoint device usage on and off premises to spot possible activity anomalies and make better network and service design decisions. A increasing number of Internet Protocol Flow Information Export (IPFIX)–capable network-analysis tools may share rich contextual data from the AnyConnect Network Visibility Module.
The AnyConnect client supports advanced IEEE 802.1X features in addition to industry-leading VPN capabilities. User and system identity, as well as the network access protocols needed to seamlessly transition from wired to wireless networks, are all managed by a single authentication mechanism. On wired networks, the client supports IEEE 802.1AE Media Access Control protection (MACsec) for data confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authentication, which is compatible with its VPN features. The network’s communication between trusted components is secure.
AnyConnect Plus and Apex licenses are available as 12- to 60-month subscriptions, as well as lifetime licenses for AnyConnect Plus. AnyConnect Plus and Apex subscription licenses provide desktop application maintenance and updates. A SWSS subscription is required for AnyConnect Plus perpetual licenses, as well as AnyConnect VPN Only.

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A. We’ve listened to consumer requests for a more straightforward licensing model over the years. As a result, the new licensing model removes all add-on license ambiguity while still allowing license forms to coexist. The new model allows for mutual licensing across all choices without the need for hardware to implement licenses, and it does away with the need to buy AnyConnect licenses per ASA (assisting with HW migrations). Furthermore, the latest model includes pandemic support. Please bear in mind that all term licenses come with support and software entitlement, ensuring that you still have access to the most recent software updates.
A. Banding-based licenses (L-AC-PLS-LIC= and L-ACAPX- LIC=) are available for the Plus and Apex licenses, allowing you to choose a particular user count (e.g. 873), period length (e.g. 30 months), and start date (e.g. term starts on date X, up to 60 days in the future). As the number of users and/or the term length increase, the price per user per month decreases. When ordering Plus and Apex word licenses, this system should be used instead of the LAC-PLS-xYR-G/L-AC-APX-xYR-G method wherever possible. The L-AC-PLS-LIC= and L-AC-APX-LIC= ordering methods will give you more options for user counts, term lengths, and renewals.

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