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Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a series of communication protocols that allows two electronic devices to communicate over a distance of 4 cm (12 in). [1] NFC provides a low-speed link that is easy to set up and can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless networks. [2] NFC systems can be used as electronic ID cards and keycards. [2] They’re used in contactless payment systems, and they let you pay with your phone instead of or in addition to credit cards and electronic ticket smart cards. It’s also known as NFC/CTLS or CTLS NFC, with the contactless abbreviation CTLS. NFC can be used to share small files like contacts, as well as to create fast connections for sharing larger media like images, videos, and other files. [three]
Similar concepts in advertisement and industrial applications were not commercially successful, as QR codes, barcodes, and UHF RFID tags outpaced them. NFC protocols have become a widely accepted standard. When one of the linked devices has Internet access, the other can use online services to share data.

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You should be able to use Android Pay to pay in stores that have a payment terminal that supports “contactless payments.” This form of payment terminal is becoming more popular in stores. This symbol can be used to distinguish payment terminals:
Isn’t Android Pay just ‘contactless’ payment? Since it has not yet arrived in the Netherlands, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to use it. In most stores, we CAN PAY WITH OUR CONTACTLESS BANK CARDS (OR OUR SMARTPHONES WITH NFC APPS FROM OUR BANKS).
No, the store is not allowed to accept credit cards. The Albert Heijn store, for example, does not accept credit cards (only Maestro debit cards), but it does accept cashless payments (and presumably Android Pay).
Except in countries where Android pay is not available, such as the Netherlands, Android pay can be used anywhere contactless payments are available. There’s no way to say if anyone is using Android Pay or a third-party app from their own bank until you look at the phone’s screen (or even just their bank card inside the phone case).

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Android Pay is not a bank, but it imitates the cards of other financial institutions. Android Pay allows users to connect several debit and credit cards from various banks. You can choose which card to use when making a payment.
Yes, I understand why I inquired. Before they made the payment, I stood close enough to see them open an unknown app on their phone (not Rabobank, ING, or ABN-AMRO). So I inquired as to what software they used to make payments, and they informed me that it was Android Pay.
Now that I think about it, they may have come from Belgium, as the incident occurred in an Albert Heijn store only a few kilometers from the Belgian border. I’m so used to seeing Belgians doing their shopping there that I don’t even notice whether they’re Belgian or not.
What Android Pay is supported with is completely irrelevant. If the (store) accepts NFC payments, Android Pay will accept them as well. And I’m not sure what you mean when you say the Netherlands doesn’t have Android Pay. All you have to do now is download and install the software. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, for example, should be approved by the terminal.

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A variety of ChargePoint-branded stations are located across town and are free to use. Since I got my Leaf this spring, I’ve been taking advantage of them, enabling the session with my Android phone.
I’ve had the Android Pay app pop up when I press my phone once last month and again this past weekend, charging me a $1.00 fee and then stopping the ChargePoint app from recording the session. The payment seems to be pending on my card for a few weeks before vanishing, so that’s less of a problem for me than the fact that the ChargePoint app doesn’t monitor the session when this happens.
Swiping my Chargepoint cards is MUCH easier for me. I’ve started using Apple Watch to start my sessions more recently. Keep my watch up to the station and double-click the side button. It also saves me from fumbling with my phone and potentially losing it (tried the recent iOS support Chargepoint added).
Last Saturday, I tried again at a different Nissan dealer, this time with an identical DCFC that is free but still needs a CP card to enable. Android Pay appeared once more, and the charge was authorized. Again, $1 appears in Android Pay but there is no fee on my credit card. The next day, I wanted that free DCFC again, and I decided to open the CP app before using the NFC to see what would happen. Unfortunately, none of the three authorization methods worked for me: the CP app’s NFC, Android Pay’s NFC, and my CP card. To get the charge approved, I had to call.

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