Android 7.1.1 battery drain

Android 7.1.1 battery drain

Identify & resolve battery draining issues on android [how

I’ve found that my battery is rapidly depleting, despite the fact that I’ve only had this phone for a month! When I looked at the apps that are draining the power, I discovered that “Phone Idle” is using about 17% of the battery (with a Time on of 22h 56m 12s)! That’s not what I’d like to see. Do you have any idea why this is happening or how to resolve it? Please accept my sincere gratitude.
The new Xperia X has a 38 percent idle battery drain. In 6 hours!, I left my phone in my bag with WiFi and Bluetooth turned on, and discovered that both the bag and the phone had become noticeably warm. Is Nougat keeping your phone occupied with mass surveylance tasks? Fix IT.
Kenny Toro (@kennytoro)
It’s great to hear you’ve figured out the issue. If you ever have another issue with the device that requires repair, you can backup your settings and accounts in Settings > Backup & reset, or use Xperia Companion to do so.
Z2 is on version 6.0.1, and Z5 is on version 7.1.1.
This is my wife’s Z2 6.0.1 vs. my Z5 7.1.1, with the ‘phone idle’ top as many have said. I’m thinking of flashing the older android! Anyone know what you’d miss if you go from 7.1.1 to 6?

Smartphone heating & battery drain problem in android 7.1.1

Hello, I had no issues with Android 5.0 or 6.0, but after upgrading to 7.0, I began to experience huge bluetooth battery drain – 80 to 90% or more of the battery consumption was used by bluetooth.

100% fix battery drain by device idle , operating

I did a factory reset while on 7.0. The problem went away right away, but it reappeared over time. I’ve since updated to the most recent edition of 7.1, but the problem persists. I mainly use my tablet as a work terminal through Citrix, with a BKB50 keyboard and a bluetooth mouse, so I keep bluetooth switched on all the time. When I’m not using the keyboard or mouse, I turn them off so that Bluetooth is available on the tablet but not used by any bluetooth users. Take a look at the image below.
This is a late bump for an old post, but it could be useful to anyone looking for the answer. On my tablet, it seems to have made a difference. Switch off Bluetooth scanning by going to Settings > Location and pressing the three dots in the top right corner, then selecting “Scanning.”

How to fix battery drain issue in android 10

Randel, Jeremy, August 1, 2017

How to fix battery drain and early shutdowns after android 7.1

And that’s the stupidest thing to do for us because we can’t back up if we don’t do the root thing… more

Samsung galaxy j7, updated to 7.1.1 but only 92

I was just attempting to assist. That is your issue if you are unable to save your data.
Anonymous, August 1, 2017
After purchasing an Xperia X, I was shocked at how bloated the stock Sony phones are, and no one… more
Yes, there are some blots that you may uninstall or disable, but the device runs extremely smoothly.
Compact Z5: This was an issue for me and a friend (who also had a z5 compact but was white 🙂 ). All was fine after the restart, but after a few hours, something went wrong, and CPU consumption was still at 50% or higher, rendering the phone nearly unusable and hot. After a half-day restart, the tale is repeated.
01 August 2017 Alien, Alien, Alien, Alien, Alien
I’m not an expert, but I have a lot of experience rooting and upgrading phones. if you want to learn more And for us who don’t do the root thing, we can’t back up our data through TB because we don’t have root permission, so what happens to our app data if we do a clean install? By the way, your comments are complete nonsense.

Hidden setting resolves wifi battery drain on android

Take a look at my article. Regardless, I enjoy my Xperia, and these bugs could occur on any other phone I own. /t5/Xperia-XZ/media-extractor-drains-battery-after-39-2-A-0-442-upgrade/m-p/1212653/highlight/false#
Hello, I found that Android OS is consuming a lot of memory under memory.
Restarting is beneficial. However, it is not the root of the problem. So I went to Settings > About phone > Use data settings > unchecked it to correct it! I believe this is causing the problem by using machine memory, also known as RAM. Try it out to see how it works for you!

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