Amazon property management

Amazon property management

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Alexa is coming to property owners, according to Amazon. Alexa for Residential is a new service introduced by Amazon this morning that aims to make it easier for property managers to set up and maintain Alexa-powered smart home experiences in their buildings, such as condos or apartment complexes. As the Alexa for Residential service launches, IOTAS, STRATIS, and Sentient Property Services will be among the first smart home integrators to use it.
The goal is to make Alexa a smart home management platform that anyone can use, even if they don’t have an Amazon account. Because of the way the service operates, new residents would not need to buy a computer or set something up to get started. Instead, they can simply ask Alexa to monitor the various smart home features that are available at their home and to use simple Alexa features. such as clocks, alarms, and receiving information such as news and weather.
If the residents have an Amazon account, they can connect it to their in-home Echo system by following a few simple measures. Residents will then be able to use Alexa’s full range of functionality, such as listening to music playlists or calling friends and family from the Alexa system, until they were connected.

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On behalf of Midas International Asset Management, L’Etoile Properties purchases the Amazon Last-Mile Logistics Portfolio.

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In a share deal on behalf of the Korean Asset Management firm Midas International, L’Etoile Properties purchased a portfolio of three Amazon last mile logistics properties in Kassel, Magdeburg, and Wilhelmshaven. L’Etoile has now completed its seventh profitable acquisition for Korean clients, bringing its total AuM in Germany to EUR 2.9 billion. Panattoni was the seller in the off-market trade.
The three new built-to-suit (BTS) projects are in inter-municipal business and industrial parks, and they support Amazon for last-mile distribution to strategically important catchment areas. The structures incorporate features of a traditional distribution center with a cross-dock loading design for sprinters. The three properties are leased to the online retailer on a long-term basis and cover a site area of approximately 202,000 sqm, 25,000 sqm of lettable area, and 2,013 van and car parking spaces. The parties have decided to keep the purchase price a secret.

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With the launch of Alexa for Residential on Thursday, Amazon is aiming its new Alexa service at the property management industry. The service is designed to assist property managers in setting up and managing Alexa-enabled smart home devices in rental properties and buildings, according to the company.
Residents will not be expected to have an Amazon account or buy devices, according to Amazon, and the service will be available regardless of when they move in.
Property managers, meanwhile, will have no access to customer data and will be able to remotely restore devices to default settings as tenants leave.
In a blog post, Amazon said that “Alexa for Residential also enables property managers to deliver custom voice experiences that go beyond the walls of their apartments.” “Residents can handle rent, maintenance requests, amenity reservations, and more with custom Alexa skills created for each unit in a building. Property managers may also use Alexa-enabled devices in vacant units to answer common questions, provide self-guided tours, and demonstrate smart home features.” In the grand scheme of things, Alexa for Residential fits into Amazon’s Alexa-everywhere plan, which was announced in early 2017. Amazon is developing an entire Alexa-enabled software stack that will cover almost every aspect of the home. The Alexa everywhere effort is led by the Echo family of devices. Alexa devices can bind to Amazon Web Services on several levels on the back end, which will help developers join the Alexa ecosystem.

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Amazon has released its latest Alexa for Residential service in order to expand its presence in the property management technology market, which it claims would make it easier for property managers to set up Alexa-enabled devices to manage in residential buildings such as condos and apartment complexes.
With Alexa-enabled devices becoming more popular in homes and the number of people creating Amazon accounts skyrocketing during the pandemic, Amazon is aiming to make Alexa a platform for smart home management, regardless of whether or not you have an Amazon account, to provide more value and seamless integration for individual property managers.
Guests with existing Amazon accounts will be able to connect to the Alexa for Residential devices in their vacation rentals without having to reveal any personal information to the property owner, as well as link it to their Amazon Echo application if they have one. If they do not have an account, they will still be able to speak to the device and use its features such as norming.

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