Akashic records sample questions

Akashic records sample questions

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The Akashic Records have all of the answers and insight you’re searching for, and they’re easy to navigate. They keep track of all of your previous lives as well as your future prospects. The Akashic Records can provide actual, long-term transformation through guidance.
A soul session with the Akashic Records will show who you are at a soul level as well as the Divine gifts you were born with. They will eliminate any karmic impediments to you using your gifts to live the life you truly want. When you remove these barriers and constraints, you will be able to flow forward in your personal and spiritual life and accomplish your goals with ease. Reclaim your true power and presence by reclaiming your true essence of power and presence!
Mariette gave me a beautiful reading that was replete with Divine Reality. I adore a reading that has the ability to simplify and return one to their intuitive, knowing, and loving Selves, leaving no room for doubt. This was my impression of Mariette during my time with her.” Kimba Buske is a character in the film Kimba Buske (Brightness Within Body & Energy Worker, Physical Therapist)

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Furthermore, there is no such thing as an ideal topic! Even if you are not aware of it, whatever you ask, however you ask, communicates your energy and purpose. Within the sense of your next highest expression, the Akashic Records respond to your purpose and energy. Enable yourself to be free of all obligation to come up with the right question! Have faith!
As a result, even if you don’t know exactly what questions to ask, you can do so. Here are some ideas to get you started. Either you’ll find the questions you’d like to add to your Akashic Record Reading, or these ideas will help you determine which course to take.
I’m feeling
Questions to Ponder
I’d like to reflect on this traumatic event.
What trauma, pain, anxiety, or rage is keeping me from feeling whole, balanced, and connected?
This terrible thing happened when I was a teenager, and I still feel like it holds me back.
What can I learn or let go of from this experience so that I can move on?
There are parts of my childhood that I don’t recall.
What happened that I have no recollection of these events in my life?
What is it that would resurrect my memory?
I feel stymied, as if something is impeding my development.
What is preventing me from moving forward, and how can I overcome it?
Flying, the dark, and heights are all things that terrify me (insert fear).
What is the root of my apprehension? What should I do to get some relief? My heart feels constricted or trapped. What will I do to get rid of this heaviness in my chest? I don’t have any emotions. Or I’m having trouble identifying my emotions. What is it that lies between me and my emotions? What should I do to get some relief? I’m still making pessimistic remarks about myself. What is the root of the intensity and power of my Critical Voice?

What the akashic records/”the book of life” can tell us

Consider the internet. On the internet, there is a huge amount of information, and reams of new information is added every day. However, you won’t be able to find the knowledge unless you conduct a search, and conducting a search entails concentrating on what you want to discover.
Opening your Akashic Archives, like opening an internet browser, will not immediately tell you what you want to read. When you start asking questions, you’ll get the answers you need. The energy of the Akashic Records during a consultation follows the intention of your questions, and the energy of the Akashic Records during a consultation follows the intention of your questions.
Yes, indeed! However, there is a catch. You have access to your Akashic Records. Similarly, your partner, infant, acquaintance, colleague, or parent’s Akashic Records are for him or her. I only open a person’s Records if he or she specifically requests it, and I only open Records for people who are 18 years old or older. You can inquire about other individuals, but the knowledge you receive from your Akashic Records is limited to what is most important to you and your journey right now.

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With Akashic Documents, you can regain your power.

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Stop compromising and start living the life your soul has yearned for.

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The soul-level reality about who you are is where your unique power resides. Remembering this reality is the first step toward reclaiming your influence. Book a session with Anna to receive Akashic Records channeled messages. The Akashic Records are an energetic field that contains the imprint of all your soul has ever said, done, learned, and felt in all of its lifetimes, as well as your soul’s endless potential possibilities. You can ask questions to your guides, who know you on a soul level, during an Askashic Records reading. These guides can see through all the other layers of energy, facades, and stories that aren’t about you. The knowledge they provide will help you get back on track to living the life you’ve always wanted. CLARITY can be found in an Akashic Records reading on:
Although Anna Salumbides cannot guarantee precise outcomes, and the following testimonials do not reflect a guarantee or indication of the outcome of an individual’s services for any particular issue or problem, clients have mentioned having positive experiences.

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