Advanced generators steam

Advanced generators steam

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Advanced generators design

Advanced Generators has added the Steam Turbine Controller to the game. It’s used to make the Steam Turbine Generator multiblock, which uses Steam to produce Redstone Flux (or other forms of power depending on the blocks).
The spinning speed of the Steam Turbine is measured in RPM. Each tick, the Turbine uses Steam to accelerate its rotation until it reaches its maximum speed of 5000 RPM, then maintains that speed. When Steam runs out, it will gradually slow down until it ceases. The Turbine can generate Redstone Flux as long as it is spinning, in proportion to how fast it is spinning, with maximum output at maximum speed. Regardless of whether Steam is consumed to keep the speed up, power is produced.
The total RF output of all Turbine blocks in the structure equals the maximum RF output. With 50 Enderium, Vibrant Alloy, Manyullyn, or Advanced Alloy Turbines, this yields a minimum of 100 RF/t and a maximum of 25 000 RF/t.
Steam is absorbed at a rate of 5 mB/RF, which is determined based on the highest RF performance. This means that a Turbine spinning at 2500 RPM absorbs the same amount of Steam per tick as one spinning at 5000 RPM, but generates half the amount of RF per tick.

Advanced generators output configuration

Basic Power Capacitor ( Advanced • High Density ) • Fluid Intake Valve • Fluid Output Valve • Flux Generator • Fuel Tank • Fuel/Air Mixer • Gas Intake Valve • Gas Mix Compressor • Heat Exchanger • Heating Chamber • Item Input Port • Item Output Port • Low Voltage Emitter ( Mediu )
Advanced Alloy Turbine Rotor ( Bronze • Enderium • Gold Plated • Iron • Manyullyn • Steel • Vibrant ) • Advanced Pressure Valve • Control Circuit • Iron Frame • Iron Tubing • Power IO Module • Pressure Valve • Redstone-Iron Wiring • Upgrade Kit
Kits for Improvement;

Advanced generators gas turbine

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