Account id or alias

Account id or alias

Going multi-account with terraform on aws

I’d like to convert an AWS Account alias to an AWS Account ID that I’ve been given. Since the IAM alias commands in boto3 are restricted to build, remove, and list, I don’t believe there is an API for this, but I thought I’d ask the group anyway.
Allowing a user to have an account alias or account ID to the sts.assume role() call is my use case. If an account ID is provided, we can use it to create a role arn and transfer it to the function call. If an account alias is given, we must first convert it to an account ID before constructing the role arn.

How to create more than 30 email aliases in g suite

I attempted to create a new AWS account three times this week and was unable to log in to any of them. I’m asked for a “AWS account name,” an email address, and a password when I sign up. When I first log in, I’m asked for an account ID or alias, an IAM User Name, and a password. I haven’t earned an account ID or alias, nor have I entered an IAM user name. In the past, I was able to successfully establish an AWS account. I haven’t been able to locate a video or instructions that explain how to obtain these three pieces of information in order to log in. 2 answers 63 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

Find your aws account id and canonical user id

Alias is a more sophisticated technique.

How do i change the email address associated with my aws

The Alias method allows you to modify a tracked user’s ID directly, but this should only be done when downstream destination compatibility is needed. For more detail, see our Best Practices for Identifying Users.
The alias approach connects two sets of user data as one, essentially combining two user identities. This is a more advanced approach, but it is necessary to effectively handle user identities in some of our destinations.
Since the Anonymous ID is created in the browser when you instrument a website, you must call alias from the client-side. You must alias from the server-side if you’re using a server-side session ID as the Anonymous ID.

What is an email alias? | godaddy

Provide a user with an additional “email alias” ([email protected]) address.

Aws cloud tutorial – how to log into the aws console as a

Let’s double-check that you’re in the right place.

Changing aws account id in 2 minutes

Admins who manage Gmail accounts for a business, school, or other community should follow these steps. Instead, use these measures to use email aliases for a personal account.
Consider the following scenario:
Send [email protected] the email alias [email protected] if he needs a sales address to correspond with customers.
Email sent to either address is delivered to his Gmail inbox, and he can send email from either address.
Important: Aliases are not private, and they may be available to other users in some situations. If a receiver searches Gmail for messages from [email protected], for example, the results can also contain messages from his alias, [email protected]
When a user creates an email alias, he or she will receive email at that address. They’ll need to set up a custom From address in Gmail to send mail with the alias address in the From field. They must also do this in order to accept messages sent to their own email alias.

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