6 point pro slider

6 point pro slider

What to do if your tenpoint crossbow looks cocked but won’t

We have never struggled to implement technologies or develop our goods in the thirteen years that TenPoint has been producing crossbows. And, in the vast majority of situations, the advancements we’ve made have come as a result of consumer feedback. We’ve received eight patents since 1994, with more pending or being filed.
Trigger Technology is a patented invention. TenPoint has two triggers that are programmed to fit the output of the models that use them. The proprietary 3 12 pound machined PowerTouch trigger, made with MIM (Metal Injection Molded) action parts, is featured on our premium bow models (The Phantom CLS, Pro Elite HP, and Blazer HP). It’s the best crossbow trigger on the market right now.
Our revolutionary 5-pound RollerTouch trigger is standard on the remaining models (patent pending). The RollerTouch has a double-roller mechanism at the top of the trigger finger that helps the finger to roll rather than slip off the string latch’s sear surface. The tension between the two pieces is greatly reduced as a result of the rolling action.

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How to operate the acudraw50 sled | tenpoint crossbows

Are you unsure how to configure your new race seat?

How to operate the tenpoint acudraw pro and acutorq

The Pro Car Innovations Racing Spec Seat Mounts eliminate the guesswork from this installation. Finding the right seat brackets can be difficult, and most people end up fabricating their own. The PCI S1 sliders are among the most powerful on the market. Each slider is secured to the base with four bolts, providing twice the strength of two bolt mounting. PCI has put in the time and effort to develop an ingeniously designed safe that can be easily adjusted to suit a variety of applications. PCI Slider Seat Mounts are designed to bolt directly to factory seat mount positions, making the installation of a new race seat much easier. Steel thicknesses of 1/8″ and 3/16″ For power, stiffness, and weight savings, PCI mounts are laser cut and CNC shaped entirely from one piece. By having bends and altering the shape to places where additional strength and stiffness are necessary, PCI can achieve the same strength if not more than 3/16″ steel. Don’t be fooled into believing the stronger, heavier steel is better. Because of the ease of design and processing, 3/16″ steel is more commonly used, putting more money in their pocket and less in yours. When welded-on mounting legs are required, 3/16″ steel is the only design choice. PCI mounts will outlast the seat and floor to which they are bolted. Characteristics

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The Pro Slider will improve the precision and quality of your putting stroke. The horizontal slider rods can be modified to match putter lie angles of 73, 70, 67, and 64 degrees. Indoors, use the Pro Slider. Non-skid surfaces on the base parts secure them in place on carpet.
To assist a stroke that has a tendency to go beyond the direction during the backswing, slide the putter on the outside of the rods. To support a stroke that tends to go inside the line during the backswing, slide the putter on the inside of the rods. To master the stroke without assistance, swing the putter between the rods – the Pro Slot. This is a drill for the most advanced player.
I’m pleased with the Pro Slider System; I believe it will assist in the creation of a consistent, plane-staying putting stroke. Since my putter is 71 degrees, I wish it had more lie angle options. A small change I would have preferred was slightly longer rails for practicing longer putting strokes.

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