The wicked l 20/20 l part 4

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L (, Eru) is a world-renowned detective who is tasked with apprehending the serial killer known as Kira. L becomes suspicious of Light Yagami during his investigation and sets out to show that Light is Kira.
L is a lean, pale, tall young man with messy black hair that reaches his neck and black eyes. The shadow under both of his eyes, which he developed as a result of his insomnia, is one of his most distinguishing features. L is seen wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeved white shirt at all times. Even in public, he almost never wears shoes or socks, choosing to go barefoot. This was demonstrated when he went to Light Yagami’s school and sat on a bench barefoot, not bothering to put on his shoes until he got up to walk. When walking, L also has a tendency to hunch over.

All we are – l is for lose (official video)

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Tycho – l

Aunt Nathalie would enjoy your L cup.

Tycho – l (live on kexp)

1 April Word of the Daysupertranslatesupertranslate is the process of transforming a mediocre original text into a masterpiece in the target language.

The wicked l 20/20 l part 3

Andrew starts to believe that his novel has been mistranslated, or — what is the term? — supertranslated, and that it has been given to an anonymous genius poet who has turned his mediocre English into breathtaking Italian.

The wicked l 20/20 l part 5

Toldry’s job 30th of March, 2021423
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Get the neck gaiter and mug from Supertranslate.
2LCatching a L is synonymous with catching a loss. In this context, you get a L if you say something dumb or try to sound wise but end up being proven wrong. 1. Sarah declares, “Has anyone ever found that “Santa” and “Satan” share the same letters? Isn’t that strange? What are your views on the matter?”
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Georges, get a L mug for your dad.
4Lose is the only choice. When things don’t go as expected or when there’s no other option but to refuse an enticing invitation. John: Are you still planning on coming out tonight, bro? Smith: I’m going to have to take a L tonight because my wifey is coming over. by the playa of Detroit 22664 December 31, 2012

The wicked l 20/20 l part 2

The phoneme /l/, which can have a variety of sound values depending on the speaker’s accent and whether it appears before or after a vowel, is normally represented by the letter l in English orthography. The alveolar lateral approximant (IPA [l]) occurs before a vowel, as in lip or mix, and the velarized alveolar lateral approximant (IPA []) occurs before a vowel, as in bell and milk. Many European languages that use the letter l do not have this velarization; it is also a consideration that makes pronouncing the letter l difficult for speakers of languages that do not have the letter l or have different values for it, such as Japanese or some southern dialects of Chinese. Lambdacism is a medical disorder or speech impediment that makes it difficult to pronounce the letter l.
The letter l is always silent in English orthography in words like walk or could (though its presence can change the sound of the preceding vowel letter), and it is normally silent in words like palm and psalm; however, there is some regional variation.

Death note | clip: l confronts light | netflix

In his car, a man lives.

Remady & manu-l – holidays (official video hd)

He is 40 years old, and although he does not have much spare time, he likes to spend it with his family when he does. He meets his wife and two children in car parking lots on a specific day and time. His goal is to find and give the best honey to a 50-year-old man. When a new driver arrives, the old one is shot. He decides to leave his car behind, frustrated. The man’s life changes, and he finds it odd that no one believes in him any more.
Because I dislike lengthy comments and reviews, particularly on thought-provoking and philosophical films, and because I believe that everyone’s perception is remarkably unique, I’ll only say one thing about this highly controversial film, which has kept me on my toes for quite some time, as I’ve been stewing over it for a couple of evenings after seeing it at the Ljubljana Interfilm Festival.
As mentioned in a previous statement, the film is not about cars and motors. It’s a symbolist, minimalist, frequently claustrophobic, and bizarrely absurd way of representing life. In its remarkable cinematographic simplicity of numerous static shots, it is not at all superficial, but rather unconsciously philosophic. It is unquestionably worth watching, but it is not for everyone. If you enjoy modern Greek cinematography, such as Kynodontas or Attenberg, you will undoubtedly enjoy this film. Mr. Makridis’ debut as a director was a big success. In my view, this is an incredible film directed by an incredible producer!

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