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The North American Aviation NA-16 was the company’s first trainer plane, and it marked the start of a line of closely related North American trainer planes that would ultimately number more than 17,000 units.
The NA-16’s specifications were sketched out by James Howard “Dutch” Kindelberger, John L. “Lee” Atwood, and H.R. Raynor on December 10, 1934. A closed canopy was a key feature of the advanced trainer. [1] The NA-16 is a single-engine, low-wing monoplane with tandem seating in a family of similar single-engine, low-wing monoplanes. [2] Variants could have an open cockpit (like the prototype and the NA-22) or be enclosed in a glass greenhouse with both cockpits sealed. [3] The rear of the canopy could be opened on some models to enable a gunner to fire to the rear. [4] Depending on customer tastes, a number of air-cooled radial engines, such as the Wright Whirlwind, Pratt & Whitney Wasp, and Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior, with differing horsepowers, may be built. [5] The fuselage was made of steel tubing and was usually covered in fabric; however, later models had aluminum monocoque structures. [number six]

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The NA-16 trainer was North American Aviation’s last prototype aircraft. It was designed at the Curtiss-Caproni plant in Dundalk, Maryland, by North American’s General Aviation Manufacturing Corp. It was later manufactured in California. The low-wing monoplane had a fixed, unfaired undercarriage and two open cockpits in tandem. It was sent to the US Army Air Corps for evaluation within a month of its first flight, and was mainly made of metal with some fabric on the rear fuselage.
Although the Air Corps demanded that the cockpits be enclosed, a fairing be mounted on the undercarriage, and the engine be modified to a 600-horsepower Pratt & Whitney R1340 engine, the design was chosen for production as a basic trainer. The prototype was finally sold to Argentina with these modifications and a new designation of NA-18.
With 267 BT-9s and 340 BC-1 “basic battle” trainers delivered, North American established itself as a training aircraft manufacturer. During the 1940s, North American built more than 17,000 derivatives of the NA-16, including 13,685 of the popular T-6/SNJ series at its plants in Los Angeles, Calif., and Dallas, Texas.

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