18 and abused accounts

18 and abused accounts

Survivors of sexual abuse and assault reveal an important

Around 78 Catholic bishops have been publicly accused of sexual crimes against children, while more than 35 bishops have been publicly accused of sexual wrongdoing against adults, according to BishopAccountability.org. Those in red are accused of abusing minors, and those in black are accused of sexual abuse/sexual assault only with adults.
Before former cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s allegations of child sexual exploitation surfaced in 2018, the issue of bishops and major superiors who abuse received little attention. A sexually abusive bishop or superior, on the other hand, is particularly dangerous. Beginning with the character of men he welcomes to the seminary and the nature of their formation, his management of priests is skewed toward keeping his secret. When one of his priests is accused of sexual assault, a bishop who is himself a perpetrator is unlikely to discipline him or report him to the authorities. He is invariably an enabler of other sexual predators, damaging not just his own victims but also those who are abused or assaulted by the violent clerics to whom he offers refuge.

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There are some potential warning signs that an older or disabled adult is being abused, or that the person is at a higher risk of being abused. Consider notifying County Adult Protective Services if you notice any of these things happening to an elderly or disabled adult you meet.
APS is not meant to intervene with or shield elders or dependent adults from the effects of their lifestyle choices. As a result, an elder or dependent adult who has been abused has the right to deny or withhold consent to preventive and remedial care provided by an APS organization at any time.
If there is an accusation that a crime has been committed, however, APS is expected to perform an investigation, regardless of whether the elder or dependent adult wishes the investigation to proceed or not.
State law requires most people who deal with the elderly or disabled adults to be reporters. Please check Welfare and Institution Code Section 15630 to see if you are a mandated reporter:

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However, if you think anyone has made a credible violent threat on Twitter or in a post, or if you are worried about your or anyone else’s physical safety, you should contact your local law enforcement agency. They can accurately determine the threat’s validity, investigate the origins of the threat, and respond to physical safety concerns. If law enforcement contacts us directly, we will collaborate with them and provide the information they need to investigate the threat. Only for Tweet reports: By clicking Email report on the We have received your report screen, you can get your own copy of your report of a violent threat to share with law enforcement.
You will get a confirmation message from us after you sent a report, confirming that we received it (it may take up to 24 hours before you see a message). We’ll look into the recorded account, Tweet(s), or Direct Message (s). We will take action if we conclude that the username, Tweet(s), and/or Direct Message(s) are in violation of our policies (ranging from a warning to permanently suspending the account). If we need more information from you, or if we take action on the recorded account, Tweet(s), or Direct Message, you will receive a follow-up from us (s).

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