15 min sermons

15 min sermons

7 minute sermon: how to defeat worry | jon jorgenson

It’s difficult to get up in front of your congregation and preach every week. Files of Sermons (Pdf) To read the sermon from that date, click on the desired file to open it in a new window. SermonSearch.com is a search engine for sermon outlines and sermon topics. It’s been illustrated. Sermons in 20 Minutes Today, there are three major powers. Psalm 49:15, Psalm 49:16, Psalm 49:17 “However, God will save my soul from the grip of death, and He will receive me.” I want to teach you three powerful truths in this one verse. FORGIVENESS WITHOUT CONDITIONS – THE Secret TO PERSONAL PEACE (Luke 23:34) 22. IN THE LORD, Being MIGHTY (2 Chronicles 27; 2 Kings 15:32-33) twenty-five. On July 23-27, 2018, I will be preaching at New Prospect Baptist Church in Horton, AL. Kenneth Shelton is the pastor. Please let me know how the Lord used it in your life and ministry when you have a chance.
By Israel’s Last Night in Egypt – Israel’s First Night as a Hebrew Nation Our contributors and readers come from a wide range of backgrounds, and the services we offer are used in small house churches as well as large congregations.

God always wins – one of the most powerful sermons in

A few years ago, an ancient text known as the “Gospel of Judas” was uncovered. It tried to tell us about the “true Jesus.” In this document, Judas is a hero, and Jesus is a fantastical being who takes on different forms depending on the circumstance. The reappearance of the gospel of Judas, written by Gnostics, is yet another effort to destroy Christian confidence.
Will you know when you’re being fed a lie? Pastor Lutzer debunks six popular myths about Jesus Christ and provides historical facts to back them up. These are subjects that may come up in casual discussions with family, acquaintances, colleagues, or church members. You’ll learn why these lies have gained momentum in our society and how to protect our Lord with grace and honesty. To receive this book as a gift of any volume, please click below or call Moody Church Media at 1.800.215.5001.
It’s impossible to keep up with the speed of life. But, with the Bible at the forefront and a heart to inspire, trusted pastor Erwin Lutzer takes you on a journey into the Word to help you reach the finish line.

Are you a disciple or just a christian? | 10-minute sermons

I know you’re doubtful, but bear with me. As a preacher, I’m still searching for ways to change. One thing I’ve started doing is writing a weekly letter in 10 minutes. And I’m not only the one who prepares it; I’m also the one who delivers it. Every week, prepare a sermon for 10 minutes. And I believe that this is helping me to improve as a preacher.
I’m not talking about the Sunday morning sermon, don’t get me wrong. Every week on my podcast, I plan and deliver this post. Now, I want to be clear: you don’t need a podcast to benefit from this form of self-improvement. It’s not even enough to do it once a week. Do it once a month, twice a month, or as much as you’d like.
The aim of spending just 10 minutes preparing a sermon is to push yourself. Every week when you preach, I’m sure you put in a lot of time practicing your sermon. This isn’t always a negative thing. However, writing a message in less than 10 minutes forces you to simplify your message. Instead of full-fledged paragraphs, you end up thinking of thoughts. You make the brain work hard to stay on its toes.

Our worth is not in what we own: fifteen-minute gospel

Don’t worry, the household items are just that: daily items found in most homes, such as batteries, blankets, cups, and tennis balls. In this sermon series, there will be no unforeseen costs or difficulties; everything is clear and straightforward… but highly successful.
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Memories are formed in a matter of minutes! While trying to make these sermons as simple as possible for pastors, students, and parents, we also tried to make sermons that kids would remember. On both counts, we feel we have succeeded.
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