12 dozen places to educate yourself online for free

12 dozen places to educate yourself online for free

Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell youtube channel

Leonardo da Vinci, a committed lifelong learner, once said, “Reading never exhausts the mind.” I’m curious what he might have said about the huge amount of learning opportunities available online based on that quote.
This is also high-quality content that is freely accessible to the public and helps you to learn about a wide range of subjects including finance, biology, guitar lessons, foreign languages, drawing lessons, and computer coding.
Some top Ivy-league colleges also make their entire curriculum available for free online.
Open2Study – Some of these courses tend to be training videos, such as one on negotiation and dispute resolution or being a confident teacher.
They’re also not on-demand classes; you must sign up and attend on the specified days.
The Wikimedia Foundation, which also operates Wikipedia, runs Wikiversity.
It’s openly edited, much like the rest of their pages.
While there isn’t much material yet, it has the ability to expand quickly.
Khan Academy – Thousands of videos on subjects ranging from history and chemistry to computer science are available at Khan Academy.
It’s well-organized by grade level, making it simple to find a subject that fits your learning level.

Melanie martinez – k-12 (the film)

The only people who deserve a true education in this world are those who take the time and effort to seek knowledge on their own. Take a look at any well-known scholar, entrepreneur, or historical figure that comes to mind. If he or she has received formal education or not, you will discover that he or she is a product of continuous self-education.
This is the article for you if you want to learn something new. Here are a few top-notch self-education resources I’ve bookmarked online over the last few years, sorted by topic and/or category.

Learn to count 1 to 50 | numbers counting one to fifty | 1-50

The 25 best online resources for finding free educational videos, according to RefSeek. All of the sites mentioned, with the exception of BrainPOP and Cosmeo, provide access to their extensive video libraries for free and without requiring registration. Earth’s Academic Thousands of video lectures by some of the world’s most eminent academics. academicearth.org is a website devoted to scholars who are involved in Consider this:
Meetings have a purpose. Most people dislike attending meetings, particularly if they are unsure of the meeting’s intent or if it lasts too long and accomplishes too little. Meetings should not be conducted incessantly or just for the sake of holding them. There must be a reason for the gathering. There should be decisions made regarding the various types of meetings that are needed. Some meetings may be held to discuss strategy, while others may be held to discuss organizational issues (practical work).
It’s not often that a computer science lab comes up with a plot worthy of a spy novel, but that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Stanford University researcher Hristo Bojinov revealed his new project. Here’s how it works: Assume a top-secret electronic file has been assigned to an operative. He’ll need a password to gain access to the information, but what if he falls into enemy hands and is forced to reveal the code? Bojinov and his colleagues came up with the ideal solution: a password that the spy could use whenever he needed it but that was hidden from his conscious mind. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t offer up the code to his kidnappers.

Killer mike – “reagan” (official music video)

OARnet’s Executive Director

72 hours

The Ohio Academic Resources Network’s executive director is Pankaj Shah (OARnet). He has devoted himself to IT technology and broadband initiatives for more than 25 years, identifying developments in high-speed data transmission, videoconferencing, and hybrid networking through work in the private, public, academic, and education sectors.
Under Shah’s leadership, OARnet has aided Ohio in becoming a broadband state, with a strong network infrastructure, research and education facilities, and collaborations with the private sector to spur economic growth.
On the boards of Internet2 and the Ohio Digital Government Summit, Shah represented OARnet. Shah has served on the Advisory Board of OhioLINK, the governance and elections committees of The Quilt and Internet2, the StateNets steering committee, and contributed to the 2nd Edition of the Encyclopedia of Distance Learning.
Shah graduated from S.B.M Polytechnic in Bombay (Mumbai), India, with a diploma in mechanical engineering and qualification in advanced tool technology. He graduated from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, with a master’s degree in computer and information technology. He recently earned his executive MBA from The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business.

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