101.9 the wave

101.9 the wave

Dean lewis – waves (101.9 kink)

KZWV (101.9 The Wave) is a radio station licensed to Eldon, Missouri, that broadcasts an Adult Contemporary format on 101.9 MHz FM. Osage Beach, Missouri (as well as all of the communities surrounding the Lake of the Ozarks) and Jefferson City, Missouri are served by the station. 1st KZWV’s studio is on Osage Beach Road in Osage Beach, with transmitters just south of Eldon off of US Route 54.
On October 2, 2006, KZWV began broadcasting. Randy Wright, the general manager of KMIZ-TV[2], doing business as Wright Communications, LLLP, received the permit. 101.9 in Eldon was previously occupied by KBMX, a soft adult contemporary station that closed in October 2001 after its FCC license was revoked due to its owner’s conviction on child molestation charges. KZWV was purchased by Zimmer in 2013 for $675,000. [three]

Susto – waves (101.9 kink)

Kevin Hilley, a 30-year morning radio veteran, and the Wave Wake-Up call the Wave house. Kevin gets listeners started each day between 6 and 10 a.m. with great music, talk, celebrity news, competitions, phone calls, and a lighthearted take on current affairs. 102.9% From 2 to 7 p.m., The Wave hosts nationally syndicated personality John Tesh and his show “Intelligence for Your Life.”
We are concentrating our energies on self-improvement through training and coaching. We do this by creating an atmosphere that recognizes and rewards exceeding company expectations, continuous development, initiative, and creativity.

Gal gracen – deep prismatic wave

The ion motions of Bailey’s electromagneto-ionic theory, a double electron stream, and other variables are used to model the growth of radio and other electromagnetic waves. The following conclusions have been reached:
I The electromagneto-ionic theory predicts spurious rising waves that do not lead to any energy exchange between gas and field, but rather to the relative motions of the observer and emitter to the gas particles. It is impossible to predict any actual growing waves.
(ii) The twelve different oscillatory modes inferred from the complete dispersion equation correspond to two pairs of hydromagnetic waves (becoming radio waves as a limiting high-frequency case), one pair of modified sound waves, and one pair of modified electron-sound waves.
(iii) The trapping of ions between potential troughs of the space-charge wave, which is an integral part of some electromagnetic waves, can result in the growth of electromagnetic waves. After being trapped, the ions provide kinetic energy to the wave in one of two ways.

Rogue wave – memento mori (101.9 kink)

My passion for radio began when I was a young adolescent. When I won prizes on the radio, I used to record DJs mentioning my name. I made my own “radio station” by placing a speaker in my basement window and begging the kids in the neighborhood to come over and listen to me play songs, homemade jingles, and hold contests. I finally got a show on Weber State University’s radio station, then persuaded KCGL to recruit me on weekends, and I was immediately a part of Utah’s Modern Music Experience! I enjoyed being a part of the first KJQ, where the Saturday Night Cold Case instant request show premiered, as well as my fight to rid the airwaves of prepubescents. I began my career at K-96 and later assisted in the launch of X96. I shifted to 107.5 The End (later 101.9 The End) and worked on the Chunga and Mister morning show for eight years. Thank you to all who listened and participated! Now I’m back and loving it on 103.1 The Wave, Your Classic Alternative, weekday afternoons from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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